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goals_1Joint pain is not normal. It does not need to be tolerated as it is not “just a part of the aging process”. Rather, joint pain is your body’s “warning light”. As with your car, you should find the source of the problem causing the warning light to activate (rather than putting masking tape over the light to hide it).

Similarly, you should not merely take pain medication to mask joint pain—you should determine the source of the pain. The problem could be a small one which responds quickly to an exercise program or a more involved process requiring surgery—just ignoring the problem is the wrong approach.

Cartilage problems are the most common source of knee pain. Over 2 million people in the U.S. suffer cartilage problems each year. The cause may be an obvious injury or the problem may develop gradually without trauma. Whatever the cause, areas of damaged cartilage may cause pain and at times swelling - both make it difficult to maintain the active lifestyle you deserve. Fortunately, as we begin the new millennium, there are several new treatment options—many only recently available.

goals_2These include the latest minimally invasive procedures adapted for arthroscopic surgery. Some techniques allow for spinal anesthesia and outpatient treatment while more advanced problems may require no more than an overnight stay or brief hospitalization.

In some cases, not only will this resolve pain and restore function, but may also halt the progression to arthritis.

  • About Metro Sports Med


    About Metro Sports Med

    At Metro SportsMed®, our team of trained specialists approaches every injury or disease as a focal point forinitiating a total body fitnessapproach to wellness. Each person is an individual with distinct needs that require a unique program. For some patients, the program may reduce pain or the need for surgery; for others, it may enhance function and performance. While needs and goals of Metro SportsMed® patients may vary, all share a common experience — unparalleled care and support in the pursuit of better health.